AZoodoo Zooddress

620 Middle Tea Tree Road,


Size of the Zoo

Zoodoo Zoo is set upon 90ha (220 acres) of land.


The site on which Zoodoo Zoo is located was formerly an ostrich farm and miniature pony stud. The transformation to a zoo was completed on July 2nd 1999 when it opened to the public. At this point the park displayed a small collection of native species.

In 2008 the zoo opened an exhibit for Bengal tigers. These were joined by African lions during 2009.

2016 saw the opening of a walk through aviary.


Indoor Playland

Let kids work off some steam in the indoor playland where they can enjoy the merry go round, ball pit and jumping castle.

Safari Tour

Take a ride on the safari bus out in to the paddock enclosures where you can view and potentially feed the ostriches, zebras and camels.

Main Exhibits

Walk thru aviary

Enter the aviary to walk amongst the birds. This relaxing exhibit features waterfalls and streams and allows you to get up close to the birds.