Wild Life Sydney ZooAddress

1-5 Wheat Rd
Darling Harbour
New South Wales



Size of the Zoo

Wild Life Sydney Zoo includes 7,000 square metres (75,000 sq ft) of enclosures.


Wildlife Sydney began in November 2004. It was constructed by Sydney Aquarium Pty Ltd.

Construction was completed during August 2006 at a cost of $52 million. It was originally named Sydney Wild Life World.

During late 2006 the owners of Wild Life Sydney sold their attractions group, known as Sydney Attractions group to Village Roadshow.

During 2009 Wild Life Sydney opened an exhibit called Kakadu Gorge for the fauna of the Northern Territory with the main feature being a saltwater crocodile.

In March 2011 Village roadshows assets were acquired by the UK based Merlin entertainment. They closed the park temporarily for renovations. As part of this process the park was reduced in size to allow room for the addition of a Madame Tussauds wax works.

It reopened on September 13th 2011. It was this point that it was renamed to Wild Life Sydney.

2016 saw an exhibit for platypus added to Wild Life Sydney.


Wild Flight Experience

This experience is a self-propelled ride above the Wild Life Sydney Zoo. Here you can fly with the birds and gaze down at the kangaroos and other animals.

Main Exhibits

Butterfly Tropics

Walk amongst this habitat which is kept at a toasty 33o C (91.4F). As you journey through this rainforest habitat you will also encounter pythons, frogs and fish in their pond along with a range of birds.

Tassie Devil’s Den

Here you can meet the ferocious Tasmanian Devil in its den.

Koalas at Gum Tree Valley

Meet the cuddly koalas alongside a range of lizards and birds in this habitat.

Wallaby Cliffs

Explore the cliffs where yellow footed rock wallabies hop. You can also encounter a wombat, blue tongue lizards, kookaburras and quokkas.

Cassowaries in the rainforest

Enter the rainforest and prepare for an encounter with the southern cassowary and adorable pademelons. Exhibits for reptiles such as boyd’s forest dragon are also found in this area.

Kangaroo Walk-about

This large habitat is the home of a range of kangaroos. You can enter their home to mingle with the kangaroos, quokkas, agile wallabies, echidnas and parrots.

Nocturnal critters at nightfall

Enter the exhibit where day becomes night so you can view the creatures which emerge after dark. Here you can view species such as the ghost bat, bilby and fat tailed dunnart.