Territory Wildlife ParkAddress

Cox Peninsula Road
Berry Springs
Northern Territory



Size of the Zoo

Territory Wildlife Park is situated upon 400ha (988 acres) of land.


The Territory Wildlife Park was opened in 1989.


Shuttle Train

A shuttle train operates around the Territory Wildlife Park to make getting around the park easier. It allows you to hop on and off.

Flight Deck

At the flight deck several presentations operate daily with the opportunity for visitors to watch as the bird’s free fly over their heads. After the show a close-up look is allowed at some of the stars of the show.

*Remember to check the zoo’s website for terms and conditions, charges and operating hours. *

Main Exhibits


A range of features can be found along the wetlands walking trail. These include goose lagoon, a natural wetland where you may sight native birdlife and reptiles. At Oolloo Sandbar you can view water creatures such as freshwater whiprays, barramundi and archerfish. Meanwhile the billabong is the home of a permanent pelican colony who may be visited by freshwater crocodiles, jabiru, wallabies or cormorants depending on the season.

Monsoon Vine Forest

Amongst the tall trues of the Monsoon Vine Forest you should look up to view the fruit bats. As you wander along the path you can enter one of the largest domed walk-through aviaries in the southern hemisphere.


This exhibit takes you on a walk through the woodland forests where a range of secretive species reside. As many of these are nocturnal they can be seen in the nocturnal house as well making them easier to see.

Nocturnal House

This exhibit reverses the lighting so day becomes night. It allows you to see amazing creatures of the night such as quolls and gliders at their most active. A range of nocturnal mammals, reptiles and insects are on display.


The aquarium features a range of exhibits showcasing the Northern Territories aquatic life. Discover creatures such as the water monitor and freshwater crocodile before entering a tunnel which takes you through the water to watch barramundis and whip rays.

One of the main features in the aquarium is the 3.4m long salt water crocodile who you can watch swim.