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80 Mandai Lake Rd

Number of animals

2,500 animals representing 130 species can be seen at Night Safari Singapore.


Creatures of the night show

In this 20 minute show you will be introduced to the antics that animals participate in at night. From the amazing strength of a spotted hyena to the leap of an African serval you never know what you might see.

Thumbuakar Performance

This amazing show features a range of breathtaking stunts and flame-throwing demonstrations to heat up your night.

Tram Safari Experince

Sit back and enjoy a guided 40-minute journey through 7 geographical zones. You will meet the animals of Asia and Africa as you go on your journey.

*Remember to check the zoo’s website for times, charges, terms and conditions.*

The Size of the zoo

Night Safari, Singapore sits on 35ha (86 acres) of land.


The original concept for the Singapore Zoo was first touted in the 1980s. It was envisioned by the chairman of the Singapore Zoo, Dr Ong Swee Law.

10 years late on 26 May 1994 the zoo opened at a cost of S$63 million.

Over the years the zoo has experienced a number of significant births including the first Sunda pangolin and red giant flying squirrel in captivity.

Star Animals

Chawang is a large Asian elephant bull who is housed at the Night Safari and most noticeable due to his impressive tusks. So far he has sired four calves at the zoo.

Main Exhibits

Fishing cat trail
Meet a multitude of animals from the Asian forest in this trail. You will get to see fishing cats, binturongs, barking deer, loris, otters, gharials and the armoured Sunda pangolin.

Leopard trail
Asia’s large cats including leopards, clouded leopards and Asian lions are featured on this trail. Also be sure to have a look at the world’s only venomous primate – the slow loris. It is also along this trail where you will see Africa’s majestic giraffe, zebra and oryx. A spectacular encounter can be had as you walk through the giant flying squirrel and flying fox habitat.

East Lodge Trail

At the junction between Africa and Asia you can first encounter Malayan tigers and barbirusa in Asia. Then see the red river hogs and bongos of the African forest and the spotted hyenas and servals of the African savannah.

Wallaby Trail
On wallaby trail you can see the animals of Australia. Here you can journey through the wallaby enclosure and the Naracoorte cave where you can encounter scorpions and centipedes.

The below habitats are encountered as you journey on the train

Himalayan Foothills
See the nimble footed Himalayan tahr, bharals and markhors as they explore their mountainside habitats.

Indian subcontinent
As you journey through India you will see barasingha deer, Manchurian cranes, striped hyenas, gir lions and sloth bears.

Equatorial Africa
Watch zebra, giraffe and oryx as they graze and spotted hyenas hunting down their food in the African zone. Nearby Nile hippos peer at you from their river.

Indo-Malayan region
In Indo-Malaya you can see the Malayan tiger and the odd looking babirusa.

Asian riverine forest
This is where you can meet the giants of Asia such as the Malayan tapir and Asian elephants including the majestic Chawang. You can also see the bearded pigs and red dholes.

Nepalese River Valley
In the Nepalese River Valley you meet sambar and axis deer along with saurus cranes. Nearby are Indian wolves and the armoured Asian rhinoceros.

Burmese Hillside
Meet animals such as the lumbering banteng an gaur, golden deer, regal Malayan tigers and Asiatic black bears.