National Zoo and Aquarium Canberra

National ZooAddress

999 Lady Denman Drive
Weston Creek
Australian Capital Territory

Number of animals

Around 150 animals are housed at the National Zoo and Aquarium.


Jamala Wildlife Lodge
Seperated by just a pand of glass you will spend the night sleeping and taking a bath alongside lions, bears, tigers, cheetahs, giraffes, fish or lemurs. *This is a separate accommodation option with its own charge and opening charge. Go here for details – Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Fossil Dig
In the aquarium kids can dig for fossils helping them to explore the connection between the oceans and rivers.

Touch Pool
Visitors can get to touch under the sea animals in the rocky shores touch pool.

The Size of the zoo

Currently the National Zoo and Aquarium occupies 10ha (25 acres) of land. It is in the process of expanding into an adjoining tract of land which covers another 10ha (25 acres).


Businessman Richard TIndale brought the National Zoo and Aquarium during 1998. At the time it was a native animal park and aquarium.

He has developed the park to include a number of big cats, bears and other animals giving them as much space as possible in their enclosures.

During 2015 the Jamala wildlife lodge was opened so people could stay overnight at the zoo.

Star Animals

The Brat Pack
A group of four white lions known as the brat pack is housed at the zoo. These animals are the result of a rare recessive gene.

Main Exhibit

The Cat Walk
Take a walk out onto this elevated boardwalk and be surrounded by species such as the snow leopard, white lion and African lion.

Tiger Wetlands
A boardwalk gives you views of the zoo’s Sumatran and Bengal tigers.

The aquarium features a number of species from under the sea in areas themed to look like a ship or a rocky shoreline. Some of the animals you may meet include seahorses, sharks, crabs and lungfish. The zoo’s reptile collection is also housed here with iguanas, anacondas and reticulated python on display.