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Size of zoo

The zoo is the largest open range zoo in the world at a size of 1450ha (3583 acres).


Monarto zoo was created in 1983 on land donated by the state government.Over 150 animals were moved to the 160heactares of paddocks located at the site. All the stock were healthy and soon started breeding. The park was developed as a closed to the public breeding area for endangered species.

In 1990 a fesability study was undertaken to determine the possibilty of allowing the public access to the park.

In 1993 the zoo was opened to the public as an educational facility that was open to the public with bus and walking tours.

The park is surronded with a vermin proof fence that was built by a commonwealth jobskill project that was completed in March 1993.

Star Animals

Giraffe herd
The zoo boasts the largest giraffe herd in Australia.

Zuri was the first chimpanzee born at Monarto Zoo when she came into the world on August 21st 2012. Her life so far has been turned into a book by the zoo.

Main Exhibits

Chimpanzee habitat

The zoo has Australia’s largest chimpanzee habitat at 3000sqm. It features a large area of natural mallee, climbing facilities and a 2 story indoor playroom. Already one baby has been born in this habitat.

African Lion and Painted Dog platform
At the African lion and painted dog viewing platform visitors get an elevated view of the zoo’s lion pride, African hunting dogs and spotted hyenas.

Giraffe Viewing platform
From the giraffe viewing platform it is possible to see the large groups of giraffe, zebra and ostrich which roam the expansive savannah.

Rhino Boma
The rhino boma is where you can get up close views of the park’s rhino.

Visitor Centre
In the visitor centre guests can see smaller animals such as lizards and insects. Just outside of the centre is the park’s meerkat colony.