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Manor House Wildlife Park


St Florence
Pembrokeshire SA70 8RJ


Indoor Hay-play
In the indoor hay-play barn kids can have a romp in the hay while parents enjoy free Wi-Fi or a bite from the café.

Digiwall Challenge
Have a go on this take of the traditional climbing wall which guides you with lights, sounds and music which respond to your actions.

The Size of the zoo

Manor House Wildlife Park is set on 21ha (52 acres) of land.


During 2008 the zoo was taken over by Anna Ryder Richardson a TV personality and her husband, Colin MacDougall. Their journey to redevelop the zoo was chronicled in the TV Movie Chaos at the Zoo.

Star Animals

Steve and Lisa
Steve and Lisa are a pair of siamang gibbons who live at the zoo. Until Anna Ryder Richardson brought the zoo they were housed in a small cage. She built them a spacious island where they could swing through the trees.

Main Exhibits

Wander with the wallabies
Enter the wallaby enclosure where you can get up close and personal with a wallaby. These friendly and relaxed wallabies will let you pat them and you may even be able to spot a wallaby in the pouch.

Lemur Walkthrough
In one of Europe’s largest lemur walkthroughs you can meet five lemur species such as the ring tailed lemurs who like to move it, move it, red bellied lemurs and red ruffed lemurs. These inquisitive monkeys will wander right up to you.

Valley of the Apes
Meet celebrity siamangs Steve and Lisa who live with their son, Bryn. This area is also home to a colony of lemurs.

African Village
Wander in with the pygmy goats, Cameroon sheep and chickens in this recreation of a traditional African village.

African grasslands
On the African grasslands you can meet the park’s three rhinos who live alongside oryx and ostrich.

Meerkat Mountain
On meerkat mountain you can meet the park’s meerkat mob.