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Jurong Bird ParkAddress

2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925

Number of animals

More than 5,000 birds representing 400 species can be viewed at Jurong Bird Park.


Birdz of Play
This playground features both wet and dry playzones where kids can let off some steam. Take a trip down the water slide or go on the flying fox.

Bird Discovery Centre
This centre aims to make kid’s experts on all things avian in its 12 sections. There is a 2.6m tall skeleton of the second largest bird to have lived on Earth along with the eggs of 250 different birds.

High Flyers Show
Watch a range of birds as they take flight around the amphitheatre and show off their natural talents.

Kings of the Skies
Catch the raptors as they take flight. They are free to fly high above the crowds during this presentation showing off their magnificent skills.

Lory Feeding
Armed with a cup of nectar you become the most popular person in the lory aviary. Watch these charismatic birds descend upon you and lap up their food.

Guided Tram
Hop onto the guided tram for a trip around the park, there are three stations allowing you to hop on and hop off as you journey around the park.

*Remember to check the zoo’s website for times, prices, terms and conditions.*

The Size of the zoo

Jurong Bird Park is set on 20.2ha (50 acres) of land.


The concept for Jurong Bird Park was conceived by the late Dr Goh Keng Swee when he attended a World Bank meeting in Rio De Janiero during 1968. At this time he visited the Zoological gardens and toured its impressive free flight aviary.

In attempt to ensure that Jurong would be a place where Singaporeans could escape urban life as much as it would be an industrial zone he chose to open the bird park there.

At a cost of S$3.5 million the park was built and opened on January 3rd 1971.

During 2006 it underwent a S$10 million upgrade. This saw a new entrance plaza, bird hospital and restaurants added to the zoo.

Currently Jurong is the world’s largest bird park when measured on number of birds and the second largest when measured on number of species and land area.

Into the future there are plans that the Jurong Bird Park may move to Mandai where it can co-locate with the Singapore Zoo and other Wildlife Reserves Singapore properties.

Main Exhibit

Birds of Prey
Glance at vultures, eagles and hawks who live side by side in these towering enclosures.

The Breeding & Research Centre
This space takes you behind the scenes to see where birds are raised by the “bird nannies” as the keepers are affectionately known. Here 150 chicks are raised each year.

Dinosaur Descendants
Did you know birds are the descendants of dinosaurs? This exhibit will introduce to ratites such as the emu, marbou stork, ostrich and cassowary who are so prehistoric looking that they make it easy to see the link.

Flamingo Lake
Hundreds of greater and lesser flamingos roam the shores of this lake. Compare the difference between the greater flamingo (the world’s largest flamingo) and the lesser flamingo (the world’s smallest).

Flamingo Pool
The fun doesn’t stop at flamingo lake though with flamingo pool introducing you to the Chilean and Caribbean flamingos.

Heliconia Walk
Encounter the heliconias a family of flowering plants which depend on pollination by hummingbirds to help them survive.

Hornbill & Toucans
Home to the world’s largest collections of Southeast Asian hornbills are a series of large and lush aviaries. Jurong has had incredibly success in breeding this species.

Jungle Jewels Free Flight Aviary
This 14 metre high aviary allows you to walk in and meet the popular toucan alongside lesser known birds such as the Violaceous Euphonia and the tanagers.

Lory Loft
Here in the world’s largest lory flight aviary you can get a 360o view of the landscape and take in these brightly coloured birds. Stop by in the cooler parts of the day for the best viewing opportunities.

Parrot Paradise
You’ll hear the park’s parrot collection before you see them. 32 aviaries are home to one of Asia’s most comprehensive parrot collections with birds such as the galah, macaws and palm cokatoos.

Pelican Cove
Meet 7 of the world’s 8 pelican species with the world’s only underwater viewing area for these birds.

Penguin Coast
Inside are the penguins who come from cool climates such as the Humboldt, rockhopper, macaroni and King penguins. Outside you can see the African or Jackass penguins, one of the few species adapted to a life in the tropics. They are housed with South African shelducks and gulls.

The Riverine
This 11 metre wide simulated river provides an underwater view of turtles, fish and birds from the 24 seat gallery where you can sit and relax.

Royal Ramble
Meet the crowned pigeons who are known for their rambling walking style and noble bearings. These birds are so large that people often mistake them for turkeys. Due to the superb mimicry of their natural habitats seen in these exhibits the park has successfully bred them.

Swan Lake
Watch these graceful animals swimming around the lake. Here you can meet the black-necked swan, black swan and mute swam.

Waterfall Aviary
This 13 story high experience takes you into the home of 600 birds. A 30 metre high waterfall towers over you as you cross the suspension bridge.

Meet the birds of this fast disappearing habitat at Jurong. Here you can find the marabou stork and the Saddle-billed stork.

Window on Paradise
Meet the birds of paradise included the rare 12-Wired bird of paradise which Jurong was the first captive institution in the world to breed.

World of Darkness
Enter the world of the snowy, boobook, great grey, Eurasian Eagle and various other owls. This is the first house in Asia where you can see animals in a nocturnal setting while it is light outside