Gorge Wildlife ParkWebsite



Redden Drive
Cudlee Creek
South Australia


Koala Cuddles
Visitors are able to hold the koalas every day for free.

The Size of the zoo

Gorge Wildlife Park is set on 5.7ha (14acres) of land.


The Gorge Wildlife Park opened in 1965 and is still operated by the same family.

Star Animals

Black Leopard
The park is home to Australia’s last black leopard.

Main Exhibits

Reptile House
The reptile house is home to range of reptiles from Australia and around the world. You can see boa constrictors, green iguanas, gila monsters, bearded dragons and blue tongues. Thre are also invertebrates such as scorpions, fish and mammals such as squirrel gliders and spinifex hopping mice.

Nocturnal House
Ghost bats and bilbies roam in one exhibit in the nocturnal house.

Kangaroo walkthrough
The kangaroo walkthrough allows visitors to get up close to red and grey kangaroos. You can even feed them.

Wallaby walkthrough
Roam amongst the bennet’s and swamp wallabies in this expansive paddock where you have the opportunity to feed them.