Cleland Wildlife ParkAddress

365 Mount Lofty Summit Road
South Australia


Koala Close up
Get up close to the lovable koalas and feel their fur you can even take your photo standing next to them.

Koala Holding
Get even closer to the koalas as you hold one. Cleland is one of the few places in Australia where you can take part in this unique experience. You will even get a photo with the koala.

Reptile Experience
This experience allows you to hold a snake or lizard and get a photo with them.

Please check the zoo’s website for times, prices, terms and conditions.

The Size of the zoo

Cleland Wildlife Park is set on 35ha (86.5 acres) of land.


The site on which Cleland Wildlife Park is situated was planned for a number of uses over the year’s. These included a housing estate, tobacco crops and a housing estate. Professor John Burton Cleland chipped away at the government for 20 years working to get this tract of land mad a national park.

Cleland Wildlife Park was opened on April 16th 1967.

Main Exhibits

Ocean to Outback Interpretive Centre
This centre houses the species which make their home in the four distinct South Australian environments – coasts and islands, arid ranges, deserts and backyards. Species on display include snakes, lizards, hopping mice and bilbies.