Animal Group Name
African Buffalo Herd, Gang, Troop, Obstinacy
Albatross Flock, Rookery, Gam
Alligator Pod (young), Congregation
Alpaca Herd
American Bison Herd
Ant Army, Bike, Colony, Nest, Swarm
Antelope Herd, Cluster, Tribe
Ape Shrewdness, Troop
Baboon Flange, Troop, Tribe, Congress
Badger Cete, Clan, Colony, Company
Barracuda School
Bat Cloud, Colony, Flock
Bear Sleuth, Sloth
Beaver Colony
Bee Hive, Bike, Drift, Geese, Swarm (in flight), Cluster (a group of workers around the queen), erst, grist, Nest, Rabble, Stand
Bird Fleet, Flight, Flock, Parcel, Pod, Volery, Dissimulation (small birds)
Boar Herd, Singular, Sounder (group of 12 or more)
Butterfly Flight, Flutter, Rabble
Camel Flock, Carvan, Train, Herd
Caribou Herd
Cat Clutter, Clowder, Litter, Kindle (kittens)
Caterpillar Army
Chamois Herd
Cheetah Coalition
Chicken Flock, Brood (hens), clutch (chicks), peep (chicks)
Chimpanzee Troop, Group, Harem
Chinchilla Herd, Colony
Chough Chattering, Clattering
Clam Bed
Cobra Quiver
Cockroach Intrusion
Codfish School
Cormorant Gulp, Flight
Cow Herd, Drift, Drove, Mob
Coyote Pack, Rout, Train, Band
Crab Cast, Consortium
Crane Herd, Siege, Sedge, Sege
Crocodile Bask, Congregation, Float, Nest
Crow Murder, Muster, Horde, Hover
Curlew Herd
Deer Herd, Mob, Branch, Rangale, Clash, Gang, Leash, Brace (Male), Bevy (Female)
Dinosaur Herd (Plant eaters), Pack (Carnivores)
Dog Kennel (Domestic), Pack (Wild), Litter (Pups)
Dogfish Troop
Dolphin Herd, Pod, School
Donkey Herd, Coffle, Drove, Pace, Drive, Herd
Dotterel Trip
Dove Flight, Arc, Cote, Dole, Dule, Flight, Pitying, Piteousness
Dragonfly Cluster, Flight
Duck Badelynge, Brace, Bunch, Flock, Paddling, Raft, Team, Badling, Safe, Sord, Sore, Waddling, Skein, String, Herd
Dugong Herd
Dunlin Fling
Eagle Aerie, Convocation
Eel Array, Bed, Cell, Fry, Pipe, Swarm
Eland Herd
Elephant Herd, Parade, Memory
Elephant Seal Herd, Pack, Arrangement
Elk Herd, Gang
Emu Mob
Falcon Cast
Ferret Busyness, Business, Cast, Fesnyg, Fesynes
Finch Charm, Quiver
Fish Draft, Run, Nest, School, Shoal, Haul, Catch, Drought
Flamingo Stand, Colony, Flurry, Flamboyance, Regiment
Fly Cloud, Swarm, Business
Fox Earth, Lead, Leash, Skulk, Troop
Frog Army, Colony, Bundle, Knot
Gaur Herd
Gazelle Herd
Gerbil Horde
Giant Panda Sleuth
Giraffe Corps, Herd, Tower
Gnat Cloud, Horde, Storm
Gnu Herd, Implausibility
Goat Drove, Flock, Herd, Mob, Tribe, Trip
Goldfinch Charm
Goldfish Giant, Troubling
Goose Corps, Flock, Gaggle, Herd, Skein (When Flying), Team (When Flying), Wedge (When Flying)
Gorilla Troop, Band, Whoop
Goshawk Flight
Grasshopper Cloud, Swarm
Grouse Covey
Guinea Pig Herd
Guineafowl Confusion, Rasp, Flock
Gull Colony, Flock
Hamster Horde
Hare Band, Down, Drove, Flick, Husk, Warren
Hawk Cast, Aerie, Staff, Leash, Flight, Flock, Kettle, Boil, Cauldron
Hedgehog Array
Heron Flight, Sedge, Siege, Sege
Herring Shoal, Army, Glean
Hippopotamus Herd, Thunder, Bloat
Hog Drove, Herd, Litter (Young)
Hornet Nest, Swarm
Horse Stable, Stud, Harass, Herd, Band, Team (Working Horse), Rag (Colts), String (Ponies), Field (Racehorses)
Hound Cry, Mute, Pack
Human Group, Family, Band, Crowd, Clan, Tribe
Hummingbird Charm
Hyena Clan, Cackle
Jackal Pack
Jaguar Prowl, Leap
Jay Band, Party, Scold
Jellyfish Smack, Smuth, Bloom, Fluther, Swarm
Kangaroo Troop, Herd, Mob, Court
Koala Colony
Komodo Dragon Bank
Kouprey Herd
Kudu Herd
Lapwing Deciet, Desert
Lark Exalation
Lemur Conspiracy, Congress, Plot
Leopard Leap, Lepe
Lion Pride, Sawt, Troop
Llama Herd, Flock
Lobster Pod
Locust Host, Swarm, Cloud, Plague
Loris Colony
Louse Colony, Infestation, Lice
Lyrebird Musket
Magpie Flock, Charm, Gulp, Murder, Tiding, Tittering, Tribe
Mallard Flush, Lute, Puddling
Manatee Herd
Mandrill Horde, troop
Marten Richness
Meerkat Clan, Gang, Mob
Mole Labour, Company, Movement
Monkey Tribe, Troop, Cartload
Moose Herd
Mosquito Swarm, Scourge, Cloud
Mouse Horde, Mischief, Colony, Harvest, Nest
Mule Barren, Pack, Span
Narwhal Blessing
Nightingale Watch, Flock, Route
Octopus Consortium
Okapi Herd
Opossum Passel
Ostrich Flock, Troop
Otter Family, Raft, Romp
Owl Parliament, Stare
Ox Herd, Yoke, Drove, Team
Oyster Bed, Cast, Hive
Parrot Company, Flock, Pandemonium
Partridge Bevy, Covey
Peafowl Party, Muster, Pride, Ostentation (Peacocks)
Pelican Pod
Penguin Waddle (On land), Raft (On water), Rookery, Colony, Huddle
Pheasant Nest, Nye, Nide (Brood), Bouquet (take-off), Guff (In-flight)
Pig Drift, Drove, Team (Hog), Passel (Hog), Parcel (Hog), Litter (Piglets)
Pigeon Flight, Flock
Polar Bear Aurora, Celebration, Pack
Porcupine Prickle
Porpoise Crowd, Herd, Pod, School, Shoal
Prairie Dog Coterie, Town
Pronghorn Herd
Quail Bevy, Covey
Quelea Flock
Rabbit Colony, Bevy, Bury, Drove, Trace, Leash, Trip, Herd, Husk, Nest, Litter (Young)
Racoon Nursery, Gaze
Rat Colony, Horde, Mischief, Plague, Swarm
Raven Congress, Unkindness
Red Deer Herd
Red Panda Pack
Reindeer Herd
Rhinoceros Crash, Herd
Rook Clamour, Building, Parliament
Salamander Band, Congress, Maelstrom
Salmon Run
Sandpiper Fling
Sardine Family
Scorpion Bed, Nest
Sea lion Pod, Colony, Herd, Rookery, Team
Seahorse Shoal
Seal Harm, Herd, Pod, Rookery
Shark School, Shiver
Sheep Down, Drift, Drove, Mob, Flock, Fold, Trip, Herd
Shrew Colony, Drove
Skunk Surfeit
Snail Hood, Rout, Walk
Snake Nest, Bed, Den, Knot
Snipe Wisp
Sparrow Flock
Spider Cluster, Clutter, Mouthful
Squid Audience
Squirrel Dray, Scurry
Starling Chattering, Murmuration
Stingray Fever
Stinkbug Intrusion
Stork Muster, Mustering
Swallow Flight, Gulp
Swan Bank, Bevy, Flock, Game, Herd, Team, Flight (When flying), Wedge (When flying)
Tapir Herd, Measure
Tarsier Herd, Plot, Troop
Termite Brood, Colony, Nest, Swarm
Tiger Ambush, Streak
Toad Knot, Nest, Lump
Trout Hoover
Turkey Rafter, Posse, Gang
Turtle Bale, Nest, Dule, Turn
Vicuna Posse, Herd
Viper Generation, Nest
Vulture Venue, Wake, Committee, Kettle, Volt
Wallaby Mob
Walrus Herd, Flock, Pod, Wealth
Wasp Swarm, Hive, Colony, Nest
Water Buffalo Pot
Weasel Gang, Sneak
Whale Gam, Herd, Pod, School, Mob
Wolf Park, Route
Wolverine Pack, Gang, Mob
Wombat Mob
Woodcock Fall
Woodpecker Descent
Worm Bed, Clat, Clew
Wren Herd, Cabinet, Flock
Yak Herd
Yellow Jacket Colony
Zebra Herd, Crossing, Cohort, Dazzle, Zeal



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