All across the planet a massive race is on. The world’s forests are disappearing and animals are being killed every day for food, souvenirs and a range of other products.

The total number of species which are currently threatened with extinction is 16,938.Even worse is that 905 species are already extinct. These numbers are growing daily with more and more crises’ taking place.

Currently the equivalent of 1.5 earths is being used to produce the products we use. This means there is a great need to reduce what we use as the Earth cannot support this level of use.

Across the world deforestation is affecting the world as areas of forest equivalent to the size of Panama are removed each year.

The world’s reliance on palm oil is seeing large reductions in the numbers of tigers and orang-utans.

2,500 elephants were killed last year so poachers could harvest the ivory that forms their tusks.

Climate change has seen the world’s temperature raise 0.74oC.

Overfishing means that 52% of the world’s fisheries are overexploited to the point where they cannot recover.

These are just some of the major issues affecting the world at this time. That is the why the Animal Facts has stepped in to help.

This causes section provides information on some of the largest animal related issues around the world today. By providing this information we hope to inspire change in the world.

By being informed people can fight for change and inform their friends so they too can join in.

Within these pages people will find information on

– What is the issue?

-What’s the issue for wildlife and humans?

-Is there a solution?

And most importantly, What can you do to help?

We urge you to explore these pages to discover more and become inspired to help change the world. Please be advised that some of the content in these pages is disturbing though.

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Animal Testing (Vivisection)

Animal Testing (Vivisection)

What is it? Animal testing is the practice of trying out products soon to be used by humans with the aim of discovering any adverse effects arising from their use. Animals may be used to test medicines, cosmetics and a range of other products. These...
Climate Change

Climate Change

What is it? Climate change is a significant difference in climatic events over a period of time. It can cause a larger or lesser amount of extreme climatic events. These extremes in the climate cause intense effects for humans and if we don’t a...


What is it? Overfishing is when natural reproduction cannot replace the number of fish which are removed from a population. As more fish are taken from the ocean then the communities and economies that rely on these fish are also in danger. What’s t...
Palm oil

Palm oil

What is it? Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil. Originally from Africa this product is now produced in Africa and Asia as well as North and South America. In America, Canada, England and Australia it is estimated that 40-50% of processed products...
The illegal wildlife trade

The illegal wildlife trade

What is it? The illegal wildlife trade is when animals are illegally collected, transported and sold. It applies to live animals or animal products. Wildlife trade also encompasses the illegal trade of plant material. Trafficking can take place across...